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Mod Reviews

This here will just tell anyone thats interested the pros and cons of the different mods I've done over time to my Honda. It's got enough done to it now that it towers over a stock 300 and even most 450's. I have yet to come a cross another machine that will really kill it when it comes to mud riding.

Hand Guards
This was one of the least expensive things I've done to my machine but has been one of the most helpful when it comes to riding comfort. It's saved me from all kinds of cuts and scapes on my knuckles when bush riding and helps keep alot of the flying mud and water off my grips when playing in the mud holes. Well worth the money. I'll never have another quad without them.

PWC Grips
I was always haveing problems with my grips getting all slipery when I was out mud riding. I tried a few different types then found a set that was made by Renthal for SeaDoos. I put them on and loved them. they still have alot of grip ro them even when they end up covered in mud and water.

Now some of you guys down south might not see a use for this but here it's worth every penny when it's winter. I used to freeze my ass off on long winter rides until I added this. it does get in the way when bush riding so I rigged it up that it could be quickly removed by take off 2 wingnuts. it leaves the mounting brackets behind so it's easy to put back on aswell. If you do any winter riding you might want to look into one. The one I got is acually a motorcycle one. I found that most of the ATV one are real flimsy and tend to get all kinked and bent up to easy.

1 3/4" Lift Kit
If you going to be doing much serious riding anywhere except on trails this is something that you have to get. One of the biggest set backs on a 300 is the low stock ground clearance. With my lift and the Vamps I'm running for tires I have 13" of clearance under the center and almost 14" in the front. An excellent investment


These have been one of the biggest improvements I've have made to my 300. I've had 4 different sets on it now besides the stock ones.

Cheng Sing Chevrons

These tires where the biggest waste of rubber I have ever seen. They are intended as a trail tire but are just plain NO GOOD!!. They have terrible traction on all surfaces except pavement. Clog up instantly when in any kind of mud. And being 2ply all you have to do is look at a thorn and you have a flat. Don't waste your money. Dealers often sell these as a replacement tire for stockers. I ran these tires in the stock 23x8x11 in front and 24x9x11 in back

Kenda BearClaws

These are a really good tire. If your looking for a replacement tire for your quad that will be used for trail riding, hunting, clibing and maybe some light mud these are what you want. They dig and pull in the dry stuff like crazy. their one down fall is that once in the thicker mud they tend to clog up unless you spin them really fast. They are also 6ply and are very puncture resistant. I only had one puncture the hole time I've had them and it was a roofing nail and the tire didn't even go flat. I still have these tires now and run them once all the mud dries up and we are just trail riding. they are a very inexpensive tire and are well worth the money. I have 24x9x11 for the front and 25x10x11 for the rear. I didn't notice any really power loss with these tires either.

Interco TSL SuperSwampers

If your looking for a tire thats works well in mud and on the trail this is a good one. The have a 7/8" lug in a fairly straight bar pattern. They ride smooth as stock tires and pull real well in the mud. Cleanout on them is great even at slow speeds. They don't big or bite as hard as the BearClaws when it comes to climbing though. But blow them away in the mud. This is one tire that does it all. The reason I'm not still running them is that I wanted a pure mud tire. With my BearClaws for the trail I didn't need a tire for anything except mud. The fronts I had measured an acuall 25 1/4" high and 9" wide. The rears were 26 1/8" and 12" wide. That was with 5lbs and 7lbs psi.

Interco Vampires

Now these are one bad assed mud tire. With the 1 3/8" lugs and angled tread pattern they will tear through mud like crazy. They also make some nasty ruts for your buddies to deal with after you've gone through a hole. For how aggressive they are they ride pretty good on the trails. You just want to try sliding around any corners. They bit hard and you'll roll it for sure. I did get stuck with them once. It was in some nasty black stinky gooy waist deep boot steain' swamp slop. I'm not sure if any tire would make it through there. Theres tire are very large. They measure 26 1/2"x 9" on the front and 27 1/4" x 11 3/8" on the rear. that is with 7 and 10 lbs psi. They are also pretty heavy. i don't recomend them to some with a 300 unless they are prepared to do quite a few engine mods and they want a pure mud tire.

Engine Mods

Clicking Here will bring you to the page with a complete listing and reviews of all my engine modifications.