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Photo Page 1

Here's a few pictures to start off with. As I get some new ones or ones sent in from other Honda 300 owners I'll make mores pages and get them posted.

This one just shows a little fabrication work I had to get the Super Trapp IDS2 for an '88 TRX 300 to fit my '92. I got the pipe on a super deal and for the $1.25 peice of flat bar and 20 min. work it was worth it.

Here's my Uni Filter after a fresh oil job. Notice that it's not the regular red that a Uni Filter normaly is. I use the Bel-Ray foam filter oil and it's dyed blue which makes it alot easier to tell if you've got full coverage on you filter with the oil

Alot of guys wonder (I know I did) what a tire looks like on the rim instead of in a catologe. Here's the 25x10x11 BearClaws that I run on the rear of my 300. If you want a good trail tire that still holds it's own when it comes to the mud this is a good one. Basicaly the only time I get stuck is when everyone gets stuck, mud tires or not! If you look at the filler cap on the diff. you'll see that's it's kinda shiny and new looking. Well.....lets just say that you should be real careful when you tighten one and stick with the tourque specs (around 6 ft/lbs) because when you tighten one to much and it cracks and falls of when your out riding it really sucks!!!!!!