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the aim of education

here's one on what the aim of education is supposed to be. this isn't my usual drug innuendo filled paper, but i do use the term back asswards. so that's redeeming in itself. i'm guessing that we were supposed to write that 'education is what you make yourself' and 'go for your dreams'. but that shit is boring and not that fun to write about. on to the cynisism!

the aim of education is to mold you into what the school system feels is a 'model citizen'. well. they failed miserably on me.

the things i've learned from school haven't been taught to me, i've learned it myself. i can cheat my way out of anything. i cut corners on anything that i can. and i can bullshit like you would not believe. if anything, school spews out half assed mediocrity every single day.

if it were up to me the classes would be of things that interest you personally. time wouldn't be wasted on memorizing dates for a test. you wouldn't be stuck in classes where the teachers don't want to be there. probably the first thing i would do would be to burn those goddamn ESLER's posters.

money wouldn't be spent on such things like scrolling billboards and computer screens only librarians use. when the paint is peeling off the walls and desks are falling apart, i can't see how knowing the temperature and when the girl's tennis game is playing is really all that important. the school system is so back asswards it's amazing that it's still working.

i suppse i should end this happy little piece with something uplifting. i guess it's not to surprising the way our school system is run. just take a look at the leader of this country. it's possible to have a C average and still be president of the united states. god bless mediocrity.