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we had to do a paper on 'what if paintings came to life'. i knew that everyone was going to do something about 'how every painting has a story' bullshit, so i decided to go in the complete opposite direction. bwahahahahaha.

well that was certainly odd. i was sitting in the den trying to watch dawson's creek when suddenly i wasn't alone. here amoung the midst of popcorn, chips, and dawson's big head on the tv, was a bunch of dogs. and not just any dog. no sir, these dogs are playing poker.

yes its true. my family owns a picture of the dogs around the poker table. well, that's not quite true. replace 'my family' with 'my dad'. that should be a little more accurate. do you have any idea what it's like trying to make out with the quarter back when there's a bunch of creepy looking dogs giving you the eye? it's almost enough to make me slam down my lip gloss in anger!

it seems the most weird things happen to me when i'm trying to watch dawson's creek. i don't understand why these things can't wait another twenty minutes. but anyway, back to the task at hand.

so here i am, in my den, with a bunch of dogs. all i want to do is see if dawson is going to cry over e.t. again. but no, i'm left to clean up after some weird painting explosion. so i do what any tennage girl would do. i shot all the dogs and hid them in the dryer. only my mom goes in there anyway, she'll know what to do when she sees the dog carcasses. i looked at the time, it was already 6:15! i was late for cheer practice.