get the gasface (space negro edition)

this section alone was reason enough for me to start the Web site. almost every edition of the VERGE had an opening "rant" (essay, commentary, verbal purge, and/or structured collection of thoughts), and the tradition continues with BOTH SIDES. the OTV years have led to the accumulation of three years' worth of rants. in addition, new BSOTS rants are posted whenever possible.

as for articles that have appeared on other sites or extended fam contributions, i hope to make those available in the odds and ends section.

chloe's rants
10.3.02 - fear of pop
discussing superstardom, American Idol, and the sad state of radio.

10.4.00 - home of the WHAT??!?
pre-Election Day jitters.

vic's rants
2.24.02 - number three
is there really any difference now that america's more scared of Arabs than black people? vic thinks not...

7.5.01 - DAIN-JUH!!!
waxing mystical on Mystikal...

2.7.01 - when you laugh...
a slice of life from the absurdist comedy known as being black in america.

12.6.00 - the good, the bad, and the just plain horrific
a sampling of the nit-picking details us music addicts like to discuss...

2.3.00 - 2000 black
vic's first for Black History Month.

macey's rants
11.8.02 - pause.
in honor of Jam Master Jay.

9.6.02 - glimpses of heaven
in light of the one-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

6.5.02 - wrecka stow woes
a love of music and the DJ aesthetic.

1.2.02 - a new chapter
hope for the New Year.

10.3.01 - eleventh
written a few weeks after September 11, 2001.

9.5.01 - life, love and music
the description lies in the title...

6.6.01 - mix tapes...
why heads still make them in a world of CDs and MP3s.

5.2.01 - death and resurrection
the death of a punk rock icon and the loss of an upstate gathering spot.

1.3.01 - big whoop
expecting new lows in the New Year.

5.3.00 - who controls your body?
a discussion regarding the politics of dancing in NYC.

4.5.00 - makin' due
sacrifice and the price of knowledge.

1.5.00 - pre-millennium insanity
writings for Y2K.

11.3.99 - the dolphin effect
examining the blurring lines between commercial and underground sounds...

6.9.99 - the justification for urban alternatives
deconstructing radio practices, passive listeners, and the need for something different.

4.28.99 - meditations on wax
a DJ proclamation...

2.3.99 - dancing...
rhythmic relaxation in the midst of life's frustrations.

2.24.99 - exhaustion...
Black History month: the annual 28-day existence for those darker than blue.

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