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tuesday, january first, 2002 10:45 a.m.

i donít have the heart to write the kind of rant that i did last year. besides that, you wouldnít want to read it anyway. just a few thoughts and iíll be out of your way...

if it wasnít for those "Year In Review" news segments, i would have permanently forgotten everything that happened prior to September 11th. all those other world issues, all of the wonderfully talented actors, musicians, and other artists that we lost in 2001, they all vanished after that day. can i get a cyber-witness? itís as if folks have divided their lives into two areas: pre-9/11 and post-9/11. itís the new millennium B.C. and A.D., specifically designed for the secular realm with no one coming back to overcome the world, no one rising from the grave with all power in their hand.

when this world goes the hopelessness route, they donít play around.

and can America please stop lying about how they really feel or felt about New York? i understand everybody loves a charity case, but DAMN...the Big Apple got hated on for its arrogance for the longest time by everybody outside of it. now even Middle Americaís got love for Gotham. just exactly what did i miss here?

okay jason, breathe. regain focus. or else iíll start to sound like i did last year in a minute. and i CANíT go there. i hear a defeatist attitude is out this year. mine wasnít necessarily defeatist, i just didnít think that people had it in them to be smart. AT ALL. like intelligence and common sense was something that the world (particularly America) collectively chose to make retroactive, as if it had an expiration date or something. but why focus on the supposed shortcomings of others when i know about all the crap thatís in me that i need to work on?

needless to say, 2001 was not the best way to kick off the first year of the next thousand years. not even close. but seeing as how thereís no "do over" clause, we may as well look forward. where there is uncertainty, there is still hope. and i hope and pray that we as humans will work to make things better within ourselves and amongst each other. as for me, i get excited for the new year just by buying a new calendar. donít know why, i just do. but i wonít question it. some people canít find optimism for the new year that easy to come by.

i wish more for you in 2002. more time with your family, more time spent accomplishing the goals you would like to accomplish, more peace of mind, tranquility, and sanity. and more moments hearing that new artist or new track that blows you away. hopefully, BOTH SIDES OF THE SURFACE will help in that area. i am beyond giddy about taking this whole project to a new level. sure, it means starting over in a way, but it didnít stop me from creating ON THE VERGE. a new year, a new project Ė i have to accept new responsibilities. itís all good...BRING IT ON.

a new chapter of this music exploration experiment starts now. i thank you for choosing to make it a part of your life. peace, beats, and blessings...

{jason randall smith}

"you cannot have the top without the bottom. you cannot have the right without the left. you canít have the long without the short. you cannot have the shape without the form. ALL SIDES ARE THE SAME SIDE." Ė Malcolm McLaren, "World Tribe"

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