don't MAKE me get my belt...

friends and family

Anticipate Recordings - NYC laptop wunderkind Ezekiel Honig's label.

Anti-Ego Cultural Projects - all about fun. all about interaction and involvement. all about probing your brain. inquire within...

Beats and Words - home to Haze, Drilla, and Matthew J. Moffre. beats, rhymes, and life...

DJ CMinor - brother in beats and rhythm dedicated to spreading the downtempo vibe.

Core Rhythm - sick MC and beat producer. multi-talented cat right here. watch out for this brother...

Deep Unda Brooklyn - a collective of DJs and producers from experimental/ambient leanings to jungle stylee.

Hiptingle - news, mp3s, articles, and opinions. "an organic exchange of sound thinking."

Gerlyne (Lynn) - a blog chronicling the life and mind of NYCís Port-au-Princess...

Benjamin Jones - artist, sculptor, friend.

Dr. Mark Anthony Neal - blog of Duke University professor and black popular culture critic. my man, my mentor...

Open Thought - the hip-hop trio of Baba, Yako, and DJ Center. bomb sounds from the underground.

Say Word Entertainment - home of 3rd Party and their affiliated crews. representin' for real hip-hop.

free tunes

Better Propaganda - one of the best free and legal MP3 sites out there. highly recommended. - another free and legit MP3 site. music of all genres here.

Soul Sides - fantastic soul/funk audioblog hosted by music journalist extraordinaire Oliver Wang.

radio, radio...

EVR - 24/7 indie station nestled away in the East Village. they play it all - great selection.

Percussion Lab - streaming radio of experimental electronic and hip-hop artists in the mix and live performances. great stuff.

Waxing Deep - Canadian broadcast bustin' out with soul, funk, and jazz. deep crates, folks...

WFMU - one of the finest freeform radio stations on the planet. PERIOD.

online music stores and distributors - digital downloads for purchase of great indie labels and artists (largely electronic and hip-hop)...

Forced Exposure Distribution - rock, dance, jazz, funk, noise, locked grooves...WHAT DON'T THEY CARRY?!? - buy records, books, videos, and even cop some free MP3s while you're at it...

Other Music - electronic, rock, psychedelia, grooves, noise...they carry it all. walk-in shops located in NYC and Cambridge, MA.

Sandbox Automatic - one of the best online sources for indie hip-hop releases.

Turntable Lab - hardware, software, dj equipment, AND records and CDs. damn...

record labels

Ai - awesome UK label. deep, soulful techno, bangin' electro...these guys are killin' it...

Delsin - based in the Netherlands, this label is the Dutch counterpart to Planet E.

Giant Step - more than just a record label, but a promotional and marketing bastion for brilliant beats and worldwide rhythms.

Matador - a great label with a diverse outlook. indie rock, hip-hop, and electronic releases.

Microcosm Music - a wonderful electronic label specializing in all things minimal and fun.

Ninja Tune - home to Coldcut, Kid Koala, DJ Food, Neotropic, Mr. Scruff, and many more.

No Type - an MP3-exclusive label. all free, all legit, and all very, very good.

Planet E Communications - Carl Craig's label. Detroit techno, deep house, and future soul.

Planet Mu - owned by Mike Paradinas, aka Mu-Ziq. fringe element electronic dance. always interesting...

Rephlex - co-owned by Richard D. James (Aphex Twin). the mecca of "braindance" beats.

Tigerbeat6 - the label owned by Kid 606. home to a new generation of laptop snobs. they will crush you...

Warp - home to Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre, Nightmares On Wax, Plaid, Mira Calix, and many more.


Blackkat - redefining what it means to party in New York.

The Boondocks - one of the most insightful comic strips around.
this site isn't updated often, but you can check out daily strips here.

Complacent - happenings, spontaneous and planned. propaganda. where the onlooking ends and the participation begins.

Future Of Music Coalition - seeking out practical options for artist compensation and the digital distribution of music.

Illegal Art - sponsored acts of copyright infringement and audio collage sabotage.

Negativland - online home for the most infamous media terrorists to date. Pepsi, U2, Casey Kasem...ain't nothin' sacred.

Pink Noises - a site dedicated to the strides and successes of women in electronic music.

Stay Free! - a magazine covering advertising, technology, and mass media. an informative read.