dancing in the face
of all that is against you...

only when she's dancin' can she feel this free:  sage gettin' her groove on.

(originally published in ON THE VERGE v1.0 e-mail monthly - February 3, 1999)

ever get the feeling that time is moving entirely too fast these days? almost as if you constantly have to be moving at 90 miles per hour just to keep up with your own life?

one early sunday morning in albany. house party. dark jungle blares through a stereo system and my body's being overtaken. it's not even mine anymore. i'm just letting the music have its way. so, an acquaintance of mine calls me over and says...

"if i call you 'jungle bunny', would you be offended?" true story.

damn, it must be nice to be that stupid. to be free to just say things like that and think that somebody won't kill you because of it. ignorance is bliss? i think not. ah, white people...you gotta love 'em.

my current stress-filled mind state forced me to shave my head again. anyone who knows me can tell you that whenever i have a lot on my mind, my hair is usually the first thing to go. less on your mind that way, i figure. on the job, i've been listening to grating sounds that would make 98% of the firm run for the hills. it's been making me stronger. and my soul dances wildly in the aisles and near the fax machines while i print out reports.

it's amazing how many people actually hold back at underground parties, like they need to keep up appearances because somebody might be looking. at every rave that i've ever been to, someone asks me if i'm on E or if i have any at least once. besides, i couldn't possibly be into it this much if i'm not on some illicit substance, right?

"hey man, what are you on?" "the music, motherfucker." doesn't anybody believe in the beat as a natural high anymore?

a good groove or an unorthodox arrangement of beats is all i need to make me dance as if i might lose my legs tomorrow. music isn't just a universal language, it's the ultimate narcotic. ALL BY ITSELF. that's why i hate sub-categorizations of our music: it splits people up. the whole house room/drum 'n' bass room thing is a separatist mentality - we need to be in one room under one roof. and if there are several rooms, have all different types of music playing in them so we all can get down to everything.

but, why wait until you get to the rave? bust a move in your living room. in the car. at the bus stop or subway station. DURING RUSH HOUR (i guarantee you no one will bother you after that). the movement of our bodies is so therapeutic. once you unleash the uninhibited you, it is very difficult to go back to what you once were. do it now - turn up your favorite track, throw on your headphones and move like you have five minutes left to live.

go into the new millennium with a liberated soul. LET'S DANCE.

{jason randall smith}

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