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Guilty Gear

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Guilty Gear Oddness of the Day: What if scenarios are always fun, and the subject of this one in particular was "what if Sol were to get married and start a family"? Well, something like this would probably happen. The beginning was written by Sigfield, then Jotaro and I took it and ran. As for the rest of you.....

Guilty Gear is one of them more unusual and fun 2D fighting games I've come across. It was a dark horse game designed by Arc systems (and published by Atlus) that came out of nowhere for the playstation in '98(with a sequal for the Dreamcast).The odd thing about is, the creators, Daisuke Iwata and Hideyuki Abe, had never made any games before this, they were just some guys that liked comics, games, and heavy metal. Not only that, most of the characters have rockstar or band inspired names. In all places i've seen this game reviewed, it's gotten high scores. It looks like you're controling an anime movie, and the music is great. If you have the time, GG is worth at least a look. At LEAST. Now on to the basic storyline and characters!:

The Story:

It is the 22 century. Man has discovered a clean energy source and has turned to the forces of magic. Thus ridding himself of devastating technology and ecological disaster. But was it to last? Magic then gave rise to terror and destruction just as horrible as before. The fusing of animal and human DNA together by magic gave rise to new weapons called 'Gears', unthinking beings who did as told. Then one day a gear arose, calling himself 'Justice'. He claimed to have self awarness, and could command all other gears around him. He then declared war on all humanity. The humans put aside their differences to organize themselves against the threat, and formed the order of Holy Knights. The war came to be known as the 'Crusades', and in the end, Justice was banished to a prison in another dimension. Then, years after the war, the seal is weakening, and Justice has the power to return. In response a tournament is organized to create a new order of Holy Knights to defend against Justice's return. The winner will be rewarded with one wish, and it will be granted. However, something doesn't seem quite right about the tournament...such as the welcoming of theives and convicts,and the permission to shed blood......

The Characters: Here's basically the characters, and my opinion on each of them. Click on the images if you want to see them better.

Sol Badguy: One of the main characters and the basic "Ken" of the game, his his favorite band is Queen. Characteristicly he's like a cross between Haomaru's(samurai showdown) hair, and a Jon Talbain's Body. Ha ha! Buffed Muffin!! However his attitude is like nails to a chalkboard...

Ky Kiske: The other main character of the game (and the vertiable "Ryu") who is a member of the Holy Knights. A hero figure who dislikes Sol, Ky gets his name from Michael Kiske of 'Helloween', and apart from the name allusion, he has a move that has been called "Ride the Lightning". Metallica anyone?

Axl Low: This Englander has what I can best describe as the "Black Adder Goes Forth" Syndrome (A British comedy in which the main character is randomly catapulted throught time space). The disoriented Axl gets his name from Axl Rose of Guns and Roses, and joins the tournament in hopes of finding a way home. Heh, heh, heh, those crazy Brits...

May: This little orphaned pirate girl searches for Johnny, the emprisoned pirate captain who rescued her when she was very small. She attacks with all sorts of marine life, her weapon of choice is, of all things, an anchor, and she constantly obsesses over Johnny (most of her victory quotes have SOME reference to him...."You're cool! but not as cool as Johnny!!"..huh boy..). Pirates are always fun to have around. Just ask James Barrie or Leiji Matsumoto.

Millia Rage: Millia gets her name from the group Meliah Rage (they're still around somewhere I hear), has a supers called "Iron Maiden" and "Winger", and uses her HAIR as a weapon! She's not a very power character, but she's fast, and the overall damage she can inflict in a short span of time more than makes up for what she lacks in the strength department. I guess she has that in common with Morrigan of Darkstalkers, but MAN, I thought MY hair was long...

ZATO-One: Narcissists are obsessed with their reflections, Zato's obsessed with...his shadow? Creepy, he utilizes his own shadow as a weapon. Spooky..., spooky Zato. He also has a special hatred for Milia. Aww idn't that CUTE?

Kliff: Take your basic hero-age 70. Kliff still has some bite in him despite being a retired knight. Personally I want to know how he keeps that huge cleaver from snapping off that tiny little staff...

Chipp Zanuff: I could see this guy working at Hot Topic. Other than that, not a whole lot to say here. He gets his name from the group Enuff Zanuff, and claims to have been born in Japan, but was really born in the US of A. Maybe all those drugs he used screwed up his sense of direction.

Potemkin: The large, but not necessarily in charge (woe to all you button mashers) "Zangief" of the game. He's immensly slow, but amazingly strong. It takes time to get the hang of controling him. And speaking of controlling, he's a slave. The name of his homeland (the "Zepp" Empire)comes from Led Zeppelin.

Dr.Baldhead: insane doctor. that's nice, that's SCARY! This guy fights with a large scalpel, and even has a move where he straps you onto an operating table and performs "surgery" on you! Kinda makes your inner child remember why you were afraid to go to the doctors office...AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! I'M AFRAID OF NEEDLES!!!::runs off::


Testament: Hey, a GOTH! Driven insane by war (think "Red Badge of Courage" gone horribly, horribly wrong...) and gear implants, the spiked collar wearing, Scyth wielding, long haired, leather clad Testament is devoted to the awakening of Justice. He's the step son of Kliff, whose name allusion is one of the more straight forward (the band 'Testament'). He loves massacres, destruction, and hates humans, but oddly enough, he's fond of children. One thing the character designers missed, and I don't think it was meant to happen, is that his lower body wrap kinda looks like a isn't though,it just looks that way. He's the sub-boss of the game

Justice: Ladies and Gentlemen...this is Justice. He's pretty intimidating as far as bosses go. He's everything you hate in one: Fast, strong, powerful, wickedly designed (he looks like he could be a scrapped Evangelion design!) and most of all, CHEAP. He feels humans are evil, and is bent on wiping them out.

Baiken: Baiken kind of reminds of the Gary Larson 'Farside'cartoon about the lucky leprechaun ("well laddy, you caught me fair and square, but as far as leprachauns go, I've never been considered all that lucky..."). The one-eyed one-armed Baiken is the super secrete boss of the game who now lives to destroy the Gears.

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