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The sequal to Guilty Gear was released in Japan for the Dreamcast in December 2000, and was later released in the US for the PS2 on October 2, 2001. As for the game itself, I have some story info, and a list of the characters-a few new, a few old (Testament's in it! I thought he died!), a few replacements, and few are gone (Justice and Kliff both died). Aside from the new, Axl and Millia both have new looks. Mira: Axl, Millia. This game has sucked up most of my gamplay hours.

The Story:

As you know, in the year 2180, Justice was defeated in the first game, and the remaining Gears, lost and utterly helpless without leadership, were destroyed.
...But less than a year later, the discovery of ANOTHER Gear (one said to be self-aware) caused a second wave of panic. It was said: "This Gear is functioning properly, even though its activities should be inhibited by its lack of leadership. There are no signs of abnormalities or physical damage. It is also noted that no civilians have been harmed, either intentionally or accidentally. We have made several attempts to eliminate the Gear; but, because of its tremendous combat capabilities, we were unsuccessful. The number of casualties has yet to be confirmed. We are currently keeping the Gear under surveillance." Naturally, the people feard another Justice. In response a SECOND tournament was organized, proclaiming "whosoever succeeds in destroying the Gear will be rewarded with 500,000 World Dollars".

Characters: The new guys

Johnny: Apparently the guy May was looking for, and possibly a Goo Goo Doll reference. Looks like ROCKER COWBOY!

Cranberry Jam: yes, Cranberry jam. I think it's a wierd name too. Her reason for joining the tournament is wierd too. Y'see, she wants to use the money to start her own resturaunt to prove a point to two top-ranking ones called Huma and Hanagata. Read literally the Kanji for her name read "Kuradoberi", I however feel that this is a pun on the euphonics of "Cranberry". ....and there is a band called the Crannberries...

Venom: The guy whose face is perpetually covered by his hair. Considering the name trend, I'm surprised they didn't name him 'Poison'. He served as Zato's right hand man in the organization of assasins that he (zato) led.

Faust: Okay, this is getting just weird! A guy with a paper bag over his head. Apparently Dr. Baldhead's replacement whose identity and motives are shrouded in complete mystery.

Anji Mito: The guy who fights with fans. For some reason he reminds me of Joe Higashi of Fatal Fury. Since the destruction of the Japanese race, only a handful of this nationality are left-and are protected by the government. Anji is one of these. However, he disguises his ethnicity (though not very well i think...) and travels in search of "the man" that created the Gears and wiped out the Japanese.


Testament: Once again the goth metal-head is a sub-boss. He and Dizzy become playable after beating the game under certain conditions.

Dizzy:another possible Goo reference, Dizzy was left as an orphan in a village, one day and was taken in and raised by an older couple who adopted her. Later, confirming that she was found to have wings and a tail, she was feared as a Gear, and her adoptive parents hid her in a place called "Devil Living Place". She reminds me of a cross between Rei from Evangelion, and Mayuka from Tenchi Muyo. Testament is determined to protect her and calls her "My precious one". Good grief, I think the goth is in love...

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