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Guilty Gear News and Rumors

Title pretty much says all. All news, all Gear related...all the time..(note, this section generally does not contain information about site updates)

10/19 Okay, IGN says that Guilty Gear XX will be released on home consoles in the US during the first quarter of 2003. So far I've heard nothing to substantiate a rumor I heard that it would also be released on the Xbox as well as the PS2.

6/5 The Official Playstation Magazine has stated that GGXX will be released this fall. Also, here is the link to the official GGXX Site!

6/1 I have found more info on GGXX. Hmm...what's Axl doing referring to Sol's childhood?? Also, check this page for videos of some of the new Instant Kills. I-no and Faust's are some of the more interesting of group.

5/31 I have just been informed that the release date for the Guilty Gear XX soundtrack is July 24, and will contain redone versions of Kliff and Justice's themes, as well as ending tracks from Guilty Gear X+

5/24 Guilty Gear XX: Midnight Carnival has been released in Japanese arcades. Those wondering about features should check out this post on the madman cafe forums.

4/13 Those of you wanting to see the preview for Guilty Gear XX: Midnight Carnival should look here. As Jotaro comments on Testament's stage--It looks like Hell has frozen over...Literally. Zappa looks like he might have the higher learning curve of the four new characters. Also a lot of the new stages look great.

3/26 I found something interesting out the other day: Apparently there are two GG related "Drama CDs" out-a type of radio show with the characters from the games (It's in Japanese of course). You can go to CD Japan to get details, as well as purchase them.

2/17 Madman cafe has short little Bios and more screenshots of the new GGXX characters like I-no and Zappa. Based on I-no's bio, I'm starting to wonder if that rumor I heard concerning her move names isn't true... >_<

2/2 I have heard some news reguarding two new characters for GGXX, and some info on the already mentioned. First off, the two new characters Are I-no -a guitar playing girl with a red witches hat that's supposedly alive (which is suspicously remeniscent of Needle,Appli's hat from Magical Night Dreams Cotton 2), and Zappa-who is supposedly possed by a female spirit.
As far as the previously mention characters go (Slayer and "yo yo"), Slayer is the orginal founder of Zato's assasin's guild. Yo yo (Called Bridget) on the other had, is reportedly revealed to be a boy!! Supposedly "Bridget" was raised as a girl by his family because it was believed in his village that twin boys bring bad luck.

1/24/02 First off, both the GBA and PC versions of GGX are now availible. Secondly...if you thought you'd never get to see the 5 minute GG anime that came with the limited edition GGX Plus for PS2-nows your chance. "ThanosReigns" and "JotaroX" have now made it possible. The file was created by Thanos, and is availible for download on Jotaro's site!!! Futher instructions are over there as well.

12/25Madman's Cafe has reported that GGX2 (now officially Guilty Gear XX) should be out some time this spring. As far as systems go, there's a good possibility it will be on the Playstation 2. Check over there because they also have some new screenshots of the game. So far there are two new characters, "Slayer", and a character with the working name 'Yo-yo'. So far it looks like most of the characters are intact. Dizzy and Testament are even there (However, Zato is absent, Daisuke intended to kill him off since his voice actor died)!

12/13 I was reading Ruaki's diary when I stumbled onto this link. This is from the 5 minute GG anime that comes with the GGX Plus DX for the art
HOLY-COW! I feel sick enough to cough up blood right now--sick in a good way that is. Now we just need that anime series...

12/8 Kay, some of you may have already heard about this by now, but there are Guily Gear capsule figues available. These are little figurines that you can get from Japanese claw machines (apparently they have MUCH more interest in those things than we do in this country). Right now Sol, Johnny, Dizzy, May, Baiken, and Jam are available, but I haven't heard if there's going to be a second set showcasing the rest of the charas. If you want some of these, I suggest going to Ebay, as they've been popping up rather frequently in sets, or single figures.

10/4 I heard the other day that GGX will supposedly see a PC port. I'll let you guys know if I hear anything more. Also the PS2 version of GGX should be out about now.

9/21 I was recently told the location of another GGX machine the other day. jefcrane has told me there is a machine in the student center of Fullerton Community College in Orange County.

8/25 I found some more screenshots of the Gameboy Advance version of GGX over at Gamespot today. So far there's no release date for either the Japanese version, nor word of a US release. Speaking of which, I also heard that the US PS2 release of GGX will not be the "Guilty Gear X Plus" version that the Japanese are getting-i.e. we will not get Justice/Kliff, extra backgrounds, or a gallery mode. If this is true, US gamers can once again say they've been screwed over.

8/24 The Magic Box has the first few screenshots of the Gameboy Advance version of Guilty Gear X. The characters aren't SD, as opposed to the WonderSwan Color version, Guilty Gear Peite.

8/23 In a recent announcement, Kliff and Justice WILL be playable in the PS2 version of Guilty Gear X (dubbed "Guilty Gear X Plus"). Gameplay-wise that's great, continuity-wise it makes absolutely no sense, since both are supposed to be dead. Check out Gamespot for additional features and screenshots. The Japanese site, GameWatch Also has some actual screen shots of Kliff and Justice in the game.

7/15 I have found a second site toteing the arcade release of "Guilty Gear X2" as "this fall": The Magicbox. Supposedly It's still being developed on the Noami board, but no word on if the home console version will be a PS2 exclusive, or if Arcsystems will have mercy and give DCers a port as well.

7/5 There are new screen shots of the PS2 version of GGX. Check out Gamespot to see them.

6/20 I've been meaning to mention this for a while, but if you want to listen to Guilty Gear MP3s, I have found a site called System that has some. Also, it appears that Animenation finnaly has the GGX Drafting Artworks book listed, so head over there if you want to snatch one up for yourself.

6/15 Okay, has news of the GGX release for PS2. Apparently there's some new features like a Gallery Mode, plus a new stage. Is Kliff here?? Uh, he's dead isn't he? But then again, IGN refers to the screenshot of Sol and Ky as "Cute chick with big sword"...

6/7 According to, a PS2 version of Guilty Gear X has been confirmed by Sammy. Unfortunately, I have bad news for many of you DC gamers: Apparently GGX will see a US release, but it will for the PS2 version. So those of you wanting to play the DC version had better import. For those who do not live next to an import retailer, you could try (copy and past the URL if the link doesn't work). If I find some more retailers, I will post them up.

5/27 According to Gamespot's Dreamcast release list, Guilty Gear X could see a US release this August. The publisher being Agetec. Man, this game is getting kicked around more than a soccer ball...

4/26 I heard a rumor the other day that Guilty Gear X may see a Playstation 2 port, as well as a Gameboy Advance version. If this are true or not, we'll have to wait for an announcement.
Now for something that isn't rumors. Apparently there are 3 new GG CDs out. They are: "Guilty Gear X Side I-Rock you", "Guilty Gear X Side II-Slash!!", and "Guilty Gear X Side III- Destroy!!". Apparently there's a new track on each of these albums, so check out "Hello Good Smile (click on the "Music Database" section) for track listings.

4/10 I was flipping through the new issue of Tips and Tricks the other day, and under the release dates, they had GGX listed as possible in 2001. I've also heard someone mention on a message board somewhere they read in another magazine that GGX's release date could be fall 2001. I've still not heard confirmation on any of these, and more than likely we will have to wait untill E3 this May for any official dates.
On a related note, the GGX garage kits I mentioned earlier are now availible (import, of course). Right now, only Sol, Ky and Baiken are out, and they're rated 7 out of 10, so be forewarned. They should be about $70 for an unassembled kit, and about $120 for an assembled. Expensive enough for me? Owchie-wa wa...

3/11 It hasn't even been 3 months since Guilty Gear X's release, and already there are rumors that the sequel is in production. According to Challenge HP, the arcade version of "Guilty Gear X2" (still being developed on Sega's NAOMI board) could be out as early as this coming fall. You can read about it here in IGN's article. One of the big questions concerning the game, is what system is it going to be on? PS2 has some issues with 2D, a Gamecube version seems unlikely, and the DC might be dead by that time. Could X-box (which has recently purchased the DC chip) be a likely choice?

3/8 For those of you that are buying the import version of GGX, and are curious about the meaning of any of the dialog or win quotes in the game, there is now a translation FAQ at by The True Warrior. You can click here to be taken to the FAQs section.

3/4 Okay, those of you familiar with the fate of the Dreamcast may be a little skeptical about a domestic release of GGX. Importing it is always an option, but maybe you don't want to get your DC modded to play imports. For the rest of you, there's a little trick you can do with the Gameshark CDX to play imports that works like this (Note: some import games are reported to glitch when this method is used, e.g. walls disapearing in Shenmu): First put the CDX into your system, and the gameshark into the second slot of your controller. Once you see the gameshark screen, open the DC and replace it with your import game. Select "start game", then "start game without codes", then press "okay". You can now play your game.
Note: You can also play import DC games with the Utopia Boot disk. However, the game will not work with a VGA tv (the game shark will though).
On a somewhat unrelated note: has a petition going out to both Sega of America and Sega of Japan requesting that the company support the Dreamcast for longer than the specified 18 months. If you would like to sign, click here to go to the page.

2/4 An announcment of a US version of Guilty Gear X is possible at E3 in May, however, we more than likely will never get the arcade version. Why? Well, supposedly Sammy tested it at a tiny little Cyberstation in Chicago. Due to poor marketing research, the game tested poorly. Had they tested it in a more frequented arcade, the results would more than likely be different. What this means is, the only way you "arcade warriors" will get to play a GGX board is if the arcade imported it (you, possibly having to take on a voyage of Muhammad-esque porportions. Toast to the dying race of the hardcore gamer!!). As of right now, I know of a couple areas in the US (and one in Canada) that carry an import GGX board:

Sorry some of the locations are vague. If you can confirm their exact locations, or know of any boards not mentioned herein, E-mail me with the info so that I might keep everyone informed.

Also! Quick note: Napster Has some MP3's from the GGX Original Soundtrack!!

1/14 I have heard now that, in addition to the already mentioned merchandise, Sammy is rumored to be in negotiation for a couple resin model kits, as well as a year long manga series, and, as mentioned before, an OAV series. As for a US release of the game, Sammy could possibly be considering bringing the game here themselves, as they've noticed the large fan-base it has been gathering. If so, we will more than likely hear the announcement at E3 this May. DANG! Do I have to wait that long to get GGX? Everything had better be intact! (I can dream can't I?) Sol's middle finger taunt can't possibly drive a game's rating up to M can it??

1/5 alrighties, first of all, I have found some information on some Guilty Gear X merchandise,as well as the soundtrack, notably a track listing. Most of the returning characters keep their old themes, with a few exceptions such as Axl, Testament, and Zato, who receive entirely new theme music. The rest of the returning characters generally have remixes of their old themes, and, of course, the new characters' themes are included. You'll note that there are currently two versions of the soundtrack availible (with a third on the way). The first being numbered FSCA10136, a possible limited edition version, and the second (numbered FSCA-10143), which comes with a guitar pick with the GGX logo. I Believe a third version will be released this January, and will contain the Dreamcast versions of each track.

Disc One:
1. No Mercy--Sol vs. Ky
2. Keep Yourself Alive 2--Sol
3. Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)-----Ky
4. Blue Water Blue Sky----May
5. Make Oneself ---Axl
6. Feel a Fear---Zato-1
7. Suck a Sage---Chipp
8. Burly Heart---Potemkin
9. The Original---Faust
10. Writhe in Pain---Millia
11. Momentary Life---Baiken
12. Liquor Bar & Drunkard---Johnny
13. Fuuga---Anji
14. A Solitude that Asks Nothing in Return ---Venom
15. Babel Nose---Jam

Disc Two:
1. Bloodstained Lineage---Testament
2. Awe of She---Dizzy
3. Fatal Duel---Double Character
4. Still in the Dark---Millia vs. Zato-1
5. Soul Dealer
6. Hello My Dear
7. Stand By
8. It Was Called Victim
9. Go!
10. Keep the Faith
11. Grief
12. Primal Light---Ending 1
13. Calm Passion---Ending 2
14. Walk in the Dusk---Ending 3
15. A Daredevil
16. It Was Called SteelVictim
17. Retake
18. Settlement
19. Beyond the Dark Life
20. NO!!
21. Attention
22. Hello!!
23. Brush Up
24. Dear Me
25. D-A-M-E
26. D-A-M-E II
27. Guilty Gear X SE Collection

As far as other merchandise is concerned, there are a few T-shirts (white with one of the characters on it), phone cards, and two books: 'The Guilty Gear X Slash Encyclopedia', and 'Guilty Gear X Drafting Artworks'. The Guilty Gear X Slash Encyclopedia is more of a move list guide , whereas Guilty Gear X Drafting Artworks is the actual artbook, containing dozens of development drawings, as well as information on the Guilty Gear universe. There is also a third book, but the title escapes me right now.
All of these items are imports, but to find some of them I would suggest going to Anime Nation. They have the soundtrack collections, as well as the Slash Encyclopedia. Some people say that they also have the Drafting Artworks book, despite it's not being listed. You might want to check that out. As for finding carriers of the other stuff--good hunting my friend. However, if all else fails, Try E bay.

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