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Guilty Gear XX-The Midnight Carnival

Guilty GearXX (AKA Guilty GearX2) is the sequal to Guilty Gear X. In it, we gain four new characters (Note: Zato-1 has officially died, and his shadow, Eddie has taken over his body)and some new techniques like air-throws and "Burst" attacks which interrupt your opponents combos. You also can unlock a bunch of extras such as pictures and even the five minute animated GGX intro previously unreleased outside of Japan!
Story: A character named I-No appears who vows to protect "the Man" that so many of the characters are searching for. She claims that she's the "Fermatta" of the Man.

Somebody give That Man a name. I feel like I'm talking about a capitalist pig or something!


Slayer: The "Classy" guy of the game. He's a vampire who originally set up the assasin group the late Zato led. He looks like a cross between Dimitri, and Iori Yagami.

Zappa: This poor guy's got it rough. It's one thing to wake up somewhere and not remember how you got there, but Zappa often wakes up with multiple injuries! One big reference to "The Ring", Zappa is unknowingly possesed by a number of ghosts (the foremost being S-ko). He searches for the legendary Doctor Faust, believing his injuries have some type of medical cause. His hobbies are keeping a diary, and looking for a wife. I'm not kidding!

I-No: The "Morrigan" of the game-if not in playing style, in attitude. Granted she takes it up a notch...
She's also the first guitar weilding character this game's gotten!

Bridget: This is a guy. No, I'm serious! Bridget and his twin brother were born in a village where it was believed that same gender twins are a sign of bad fortune. To save their childrens' lives, Bridget was raised as a girl. Heh, I wonder how long they can keep this a secret. Next thing you know his voice cracks and oh boy, does somebody have some explaining to do!


Ex I-No: Yes, a more powerful version of I-No is the Boss character. She vows to protect the "Man's" work and those who would oppose him. It appears I-No and Sol also had a past relationship. What's even weirder is that Axl seems to remember her too...