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Well, IF Sol ever gets married and have children... , I could see something like this happening... =)

:::Sol Jr. who has been listening to CDs of Britney Spears in his room secretively... with doors locked of course.:::

Sol ::suddenly breaks the door open with one mighty kick::: SO! You've been listening to that bi&@#'s music behind my back again?! Why you little &#@%$, you're just like your mother!

Sol Jr.: But... but... dad! Britney is famous! All the other kids in the school is listening to her songs! Why can't I listen to her CDs?

Sol: Because I told you so! I don't care what other puny little kids at your school say, as long as there's one drop of my blood in ye, you're NOT going to listen to that kind of crap. No son of mine would listen to music other than pure hard rock music! Understand?!

Sol Jr.: But dad...

Sol: No more "buts"! Have you finished your daily combat practice?! Now go play with some dangerous sharp objects or I'll have to thrust them in your hands!

((Anyhow... scary stuff. @_@))

Sol jr: *mumbles under his breath* "Oh God. why doesn't he let me do what I want." Sol Badguy:"God? God!!!. What did you say?"

Sol Badguy: "You have been hanging with that Ky jr. kid, havent you!! What about that other kid, I forgot his name.....ahhh.... Testament son? He seems to be cool?"

Sol Jr. "He's scary dad. That bird with him ate my lunch"
((Luna700: watch testament's son look completely normal
JotaroX: even more funnier. ))

SolJr: "Dad! Testament jr's dad is a GOTH! He might sacrifice me to Satan or something!!"
:::And Sol Badguy just laughs at what his son says like its nothing:::

::::Sol Badguy gave his son a KISS metal lunchbox with matching thermos to take to school:::

::enter ghost of Kliff Undersn:::

Ghost: Testament! You will not sacrifice Sol Jr. to Satan!

Testament: (*$#@!( why does everyone think I'm Satanic because I look Gothic??
((JotaroX: lol.And in testaments house you see cauldrons and magazines showing picture of sataninc rituals on his table.))

:::Kliff looks over at the table to prove his point and testament replies "I just read it for the articles" :::

Ghost of Kliff: ::grabs up a book:: Time for an Exorcism!

:::Testament Jr walks in and see's Ghost of Kliff::
Testament jr: Uh ,Granpa? Why are you holding a copy of Winnie the Pooh?

Ghost:........Oh well, it will have to do :::Begins smacking testament w/ book::: THE POWER OF POOH COMPELS YOU! THE POWER OF POOH COMPELS YOU!!
:::: winnie the pooh shows up saying "oh, bother. where am I" then walks over to the cauldron pot thinking there is honey in it.:::

::::Pooh knocks over cauldron, freeing the demon inside it. Demon looks over at Testament and sees the missing Bible laying next to him. Glares.:::

Testament: ::Nervously:: I just read it for the articles!

::: Faust jr. comes flying in on a vacuum cleaner wearing a towel tied around his neck for a cape.::

Faust Jr: Never fear! Evil villian I will vanquish thee, For I am FAUST JR!!

::Faust jr. father looks through the window nodding his head and said "sheesh!! I though I looked ridiculous?" ::::