AT-101 & Site revision

This page is for any updates and changes to the AT-101 and changes to the site. Any changes and updates made, will be detailed here.

Analoguetube was launched 2007 and the AT-101 was finished in December of that year. It was tested for most of 2008 in a variety of studio and mastering applications. Analoguetube is commited to keeping this product tweaked. Occasionally small changes to the electronics may be necessary. Any changes will be detailed here, including any modifications and components changes.

To keep up to date with these developments check in here.

•A small upgrade has been done affecting capacitors in the tube power supply, and coupling capacitors for the gain reduction stage - fit ESA range 0309

•Internal wiring harness re-routed allowing better access to internal electronics, when panels are opened 0409

•C304 moved internally to right side of chassis 1109

•Bypass modification implemented. The modification allows the user to fully bypass the unit input to output. This is activated with latching switches on the front panel . The mod also implements a ‘tally’ (lamp) when in bypass mode 1209

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SITE CHANGESPublished 15 Sept 2008

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