Testing and calibration




Full bypass kit


Lat/Vert function
*New CVT transformer
Linear voltage supply
Stepped AC Threshold control
*Custom front panel colours
*Anodised panel
AT-101 Stereo limiter panel
Flightcase 0370

*CVT transformers are fitted as standard to all units

*All Custom panel colours are the same price

*Anodised front panels have black infill

Production times can vary with the scheduling of units generally around 8-12 weeks, but this can sometimes take a little longer with tesing and calibration it can also depend on the production cycle. Additionally; each unit is thoroughly tested in a real world environment before delivery and this can also add a little more, this is typically the final testing process which involves 'burn-in' and allows the unit to be used dynamically as it would normally be used in studio conditions.

UK Distribution

EU Distribution

US Distribution
 !    Shipping & Demo
Analoguetube ships around the world using the Peli 0370 case, this has proved to be an excellent flight case for transportation of heavy equipment. However, In order to keep costs down, the flightcase should be returned as a policy of exchange. Once you have received the equipment the flightcase should be returned to Analoguetube. The flight case will not be included in the final sales invoice if it is returned. The flight case is not shipped with wheels. Demo units will be shipped as standard with the 0370 case.

In the event that the unit needs to be returned, your distributor should be contacted and a shipping case will be sent to you.

Shipping is normally through Fedex and despatched with insurance on either Prioity or Economy services.

These units have been built by hand as close to the original as possible using standard high quality components that are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the equipment from the original date of manufacturer. All tubes carry a standard 1 year manufacturers warranty