After 6 years of research and development of the Fairchild 670 model Analoguetube opened its doors with a usable and working production unit the AT-101 stereo limiter. The basic ideas behind these new production units included the use of original parts that could be easily accessed by everybody with nothing difficult to find including tubes as many old models were becoming unreliable and out of circulation.

It was important to develop an original triode version of the 6386 remote cut-off triode which is the mainstay of the 670 as these should also be freely available to everybody. So with the help and support of JJ Electronic the 6386LGP tube was born.

The AT-101 and recently the AT-1 limiters share these 6386LGP tubes. The sound of these units is not a coincidence, they are closely matched to the originals sharing the same compression curves and bandwidth. Both models are beautiful natural sounding limiters that use the original circuit, and all original parts including the transformers, controls and the new generation 6386LGP triodes developed from the original GE6386 tube types. All models use original tubes and parts with long-lasting, close tolerance, non inductive modern components for the modern world.

Back to the future

This type of technology - the use of transformers and tubes - has a very pleasing effect on the ear and there has remained a comfortable association for as long as I can remember between artist, engineer and producer for this technology. The AT-101 & AT-1 are built historically and technically to the 670 and 660 and behave exactly as the originals did as very clean low distortion amplifiers.

Beautiful sounding technology that just works!