Here are some people that have used the AT-101

I had the pleasure of using the AT-101 for a couple of weeks soon after the unit had been completed.Without doubt a very special bit of kit.
Mixes for Mark Ronson and Adele both benefited from some heavy limiting on drums with this gear.

Tom Elmhirst


Love Must Be Tough - Eleanor McEvoy (Ruadhri Cushnan Mix)

Mastered By - Ian Cooper
www.metropolis mastering


I have used this unit extensively over the last few months and it is
as faithful a reproduction of a 670 as you will ever see.
The build quality and attention to detail are bordering on the
obsessive. In many ways, it actually betters the original unit on
which it was based - there are none of the annoying random factors
associated with a piece of gear that is 50 years old. You don't have
the inconsistencies in sound or the unreliability issues - you just
get all of the good stuff. I used it primarily on guitars on the
Verve's new album "Forth" and also on drums and across the mix bus on
a variety of other projects. The release settings are very musical
across a range of applications, but most of all, the AT-101 just
makes everything that you put through it sound great!

Chris Potter
Chris Potter


Duffy - Live at Jongluers, Nottingham. UK
Mixed By - Matt Lawrence

new generation 6386 triode