Here are some people that have used the AT-101

I have had the great privilege of being able to use an AT-101 over the past week. The build quality is immense, a real thing of beauty; and as for the sound, let’s just say that it was more than able to deliver whatever character I desired. If I wanted smooth, it can offer this in spades. Giving a beautiful rich character to (esp. Female) vocals. However, if I desired the true sound of Rock ‘n’ Roll the AT-101 does not disappoint either. I also used it to fatten up a new dance track by Ben Watt. The overall effect on several different musical styles was extremely impressive, far more open and cleaner sounding than any original Fairchild unit I have ever used. I put this down the fact the AT-101 is new and has not been subjected to 50 odd years of variable servicing.

To sum it up in five words: Smoother, Bigger, Taller, Wider, Fatter!

I loved it.

Miles Showell - Mastering