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Vanishing Bldgs

The RenCen as seen from Windsor. Click the pic for a MASSIVE view. When zoomed-in, people can be seen inside the buildings.
The RenCen as seen by car from I-75 expressway. The church is St Josephat.
The RenCen as seen from downtown. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
The RenCen - The Jewel of Downtown Detroit and GM World HQ.
The berms are being removed.
The RenCen from Woodward Avenue.
A distant shot of the Ren-Cen Showing some old & new contrast.
The Ren Cen towers over the end of the Windsor Tunnel.
The Ren Cen.
The Ren Cen.
The Ren Cen now sports the new GM logos that will eventually be illuminated.
Last shot of the Ren Cen.

Renaissance Center (Ren-Cen)