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Of course, the Detroit Skyline is always a big highlight of a trip to Windsor.
Hey, there's another skyline lover snapping a few pix.
Two geese approaching the riverfront to catch a view of the skyline.
This one was taken standing right on the river's edge; one more step and I would've fell in.
Look how much smaller everything got when I backed up about twenty feet.
The Riverfront Towers.
Enough of the skyline already, well almost; here's some Windsor riverfront artistry.
Another angle.
A sun-drenched high-rise apartment on the Windsor riverfront.
Two popular Windsor Hotels.
Let's zoom-in a bit.
Border Cities Arena. The original home of the Detroit Red Wings before the Olympia was built.
Windsor's Downtown. I remember coming here a few years back and EVERYTHING was closed on Sunday. Now a few businesses are open Sunday.
Looking down the street at another country.
The Dominion Public Building.
A random row of houses.
A random red brick house. This is an oldie but a goodie!
Coming back at the end of the tunnel is this towering shot of the Ren Cen.
After dinner at Mexican Village, I took a ride through Brush park. I wanted to eat at the Brush Park Little Countess Barbeque Stand, but unfortunately, they were closed too. Hopefully, they'll be open again in the Summer. HEY, it's up for sale, though.
  • Has anyone been to Brush Park lately? Hold onto your hats-just about everything that is still standing is being restored and rebuilt, new condos are springing up everywhere - even the sewers are being upgraded. Give Brush Park 2 years and it'll be a state-of-the-Detroit-art neighborhood once more.
  • ...darkness rolled-in and a ghostly breeze whistled through Brush Park...
  • Note: The last two pix were were very dark and had to be run through E-Z NiteVision (Patent Pending)

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