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A late 1800's house in Warren. Warren was settled in 1835, became a village in 1909 and was finally incorporated as a city in 1957.
Another late 1800's house in Warren.
Another late 1890's gem is the St.Pauls Church on Mound Road.
First Baptist Church of Warren dates back to 1857.
Built in the 30's was St. Annes (believe it or not) OLDER church.
Built in the 60's was St. Annes (believe it or not) NEWER church.
Warren High School (which dates back to the 1920's) is being renovated into...
The old First National Bank of Warren dates back to the early 1900's.
Warren's tallest building.
General Motors Tech Center will soon receive historical designation.
The half-mile long Warren Tank Arsenal dates back to WWII (now it is a giant steel factory).
The former Glen Eden, which was an asylum, is now a children's school.
Bill Knapp's has been closed for some time.
This late 1800's house stands in ruins, right in the heart of Warren's esteemed "Historical District". I went to school with a kid who used to live here. He passed in 1985. I wonder if I could pick this house up for a few dollars and fix it up.

Warren, Michigan