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Vanishing Bldgs

Started out downtown with the Fyfe, Mutual and Statler. Scroll down for more!
The cheesy Statler window covers are torn.
More Statler.
Heading away from downtown is this modern building.
On the way to Belle Isle, I see the Hurlbut Gate at Waterworks Park.
The 'newer' Belle Isle Casino, which dates back to 1908. Don't tell me, lemme guess, Albert Kahn designed it, right? Click the pic for a LARGE view.
The Anna Scripps Whitcomb conservatory. I heard a lot of birds chirping here and at first thought it to be a bird sanctuary. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
I snapped this before I realized it was a bathroom.
Looking across the river from Belle Isle.
Looking across the river again from Belle Isle.
A tower-like structure on Belle Isle.
The ruins of the Belle Isle Stable.
A building which appears to be enjoying restoration.
After exiting Belle Isle it started raining sideways, but I managed to squeeze in a shot of the Whittier Hotel.
Another shot of the Whittier Hotel. It appears to be returning back to nature.
Across E. Jefferson from the Whittier is this apartment complex on the corner of Agnes & Holcomb.
Right down the street on Holcomb is this old church.
Had to stop and get gas, and caught this shot.
After getting gas, I mistakenly went the wrong way on Mt. Elliott and saw this Coast Guard Bldg.
On the way home up Grand Blvd, I managed to capture a shot of the long defunct Packard Plant.
Another angle of the Packard Plant. Click here for a panoramic shot.
I started getting hungry and I remembered someone mentioning there was a Hardees Hamburgers on Coolidge near 11 mile in Berkley.
After turning around and heading back to Hamtown, I squeezed-in this shot of St. Florian Church.
This weekend is the Hamtramck Blowout at Lili's and other bars.

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