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The former Telenews Theatre on 1540 Woodward Avenue in its latest incarnation as "Club Bleu". This newsreel theater opened on February 12, 1942. A teletype machine in the lobby kept customers up to the minute with the latest news and there was a working radio station, WLBJ, operating from the basement.
Nicholas George Theatres purchased the theater in 1969 and Louis Wiltse remodeled it into the Plaza Theater, reopening that November. The theater performed poorly, and was sold a few years later and eventually switched to adult films, closing in 1987.
Carl Allison reopened the Plaza in 1988, as the Tele-Arts, showing independent and foreign films. After struggling along for several years, the theater closed again in 1991. The theater reopened later that year as the Big Star, but only on a part-time basis. Thanx to for most of this info.

Telenews Theatre / Club Bleu