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Exterior of Tangent Gallery.
Another angle of Tangent Gallery. I'll bet it was once some kind of "Orthograph" company - anyone have any history on the place?
Interior of Tangent Gallery.
I met D-Day before, and I finally got to meet the High Priest of the Detroit Techno Ruins, Lowell. He invited me to see the ruins projection booth.
The ruins projection screen. You can see the partygoers filing in
These partygoers are whipping around those lightsticks. The camera froze the action quite well.
Press a couple of buttons and viola - action shots.
More action.
Back to normal.
This raver looks like he's on something.
The PlurKids Banner. I couldn't get a decent pic of the DJ though.
It's getting crowded in here.
AHH there's some females.
Upon finding out there was NO ALCOHOL served, I figured I'd get a wristband and then hit the Apex bar on Oakland. I returned about 2 hours later and realized I forgot one critical thing - THE F*&KING WRISTBAND! So, I went home...I was probably a bit too hammered anyway.
  • Many photos were enhanced by EZ NiteVision (Patent Pending).

  • Fab Ruins Rave at the Tangent Gallery