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St. Cyril Church as it stood in March 2001.
Another shot from March 2001 - let's zoom in a bit...
The ornate front of St. Cyril Church.
More front of St. Cyril Church, days before destruction. Some of the following are days before destruction...
The ornamentation was stripped off above the door...
A side view of St. Cyril Church, days before destruction. Why did the trees bend away from the building?
  • Jim Wagner wrote: Hi Mr. Kacir. I really love your site, for some reason it practically moves me to tears, it's so beautiful and tragic. Anyway, I've never been to Detroit and have no idea what side of St. Cyril's those trees are leaning, but I'll bet they are on the North side of the building and were growing outward in effort to reach some sunlight. I am an active gardener and have seen this many times... That picture with the orbs though? What the heck! Anyway, wonderful work: )
  • St. Cyril Church rectory which was stripped of its siding.
    St. Cyril Church...this convent building was the first to come down.
    St. Cyril Church showing the school side and the convent building reduced to rubble.
    St. Cyril Church showing the school side after the convent building remains had been cleaned-up. What the hell are those ghostly little baby orbs? (This is not fudged...)
    The back of St. Cyril Church ala more ghostly orbs.
    St. Cyril Church as seen from Burroughs Middle School.
    All that remains of St. Cyril Church... a pile of rubble...
    Rest in Peace, St. Cyril Church.
    The "Urban Prarie" behind St. Cyril.
    More "Urban Prarie" - My grandma lived on this very corner, Helen and Marcus, until 1970.
    One of the lone homes on the "Urban Prarie".
    A handy MapQuest map of the area.

    St. Cyril and Methodius