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The Boblo Boats. Unbelievable! They are slowly returning to nature. D-Day hopped in his kayak and paddled downriver with his new camera in hand, and found the once proud ladies of the river. Click here to visit my Boblo page.
Another shot of the Boblo Boats. I heard someone is going to be restoring one or both of these beauties. Anyone know anything about this?
The Detroit skyline as seen from the Rouge River Bridge. D-Day has a new camera and great knowledge of photography and the City of Detroit. He has started his own site called but has since been disabled. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
D-Day decided he was getting a little seasick, so he tossed his kayak in the back of his Ranger and headed north on Woodward. It took him a while to dry-out his camera and get just outside of the Downtown area to snap this wonderful pic of the Bonstelle Theatre.
It was Sunday, and D-Day realized he was late for church. He wheeled the Ranger around and headed toward Gratiot. He happened to have a change of clothes in the truck so he could be appropriately dressed. But first, he needed to snap a couple of pix of his church (Historic Trinity Church on Gratiot). For more details, hop onto D-Day's site.
After the sermon was over, D-Day bolted out of church, and snapped another excellent pic of the front of the church.
D-Day hopped on I-75 north, did a Detroit u-turn onto I-75 south. With his buddy driving, D-Day daringly climbed on top of the roof of his Ranger and snapped this excellent pic of St. Josephat church aligned with the Ren-Cen. Is it a coincidence that these buildings line-up like this? Or did our city fathers plan it this way?
All shaken-up from roof-surfing, D-Day decided to do a little more kayaking. He climbed back into his Ranger and proceeded west on Mack towards Grand River. Being an east-sider, he didn't realize that Grand River was a road, not a river. Oh well, let's turn right on W. Grand Boulevard and get a few amazing shots of the Lee Plaza!!
Another amazing shot of the Lee Plaza taken by D-Day. The scrappers are getting wise. Why break the windows, when you can steal 'em? Heck, if they get 2 or 3 intact windows, they'll have enough to buy a half pint!!
Another amazing shot of the Lee Plaza taken by D-Day. Ask D-Day for photographic details on the Fab Ruins Forum, or check out his new site.
A close-up shot of the Lee Plaza missing windows taken by D-Day. Heck, the scrappers are chopping out the bricks, too!! A full shopping cart of bricks would probably get them just enough to buy a half-pint. C'mon you f--king airheads, get a real job - it's easier!! What do you think?
D-Day decided he needed to research some history of the Lee Plaza at his old Alma Mater, Wayne State! It was getting late, and on his way home, since a bum at the Lee Plaza swiped his new camera, he snapped this excellent pic of Downtown with his old camera. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
A wonderful shot of the New Center taken from roof of the Wayne State parking complex by D-Day using his old camera.

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