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Vanishing Bldgs

An old Apartment Building near Mack & Van Dyke. Anyone have a clue?
An abandoned apartment bldg on 2nd & Charlotte.
A side view of the above abandoned apartment. (Note the colored dot).
The E-Zone is chock-full of abandoned apartments. Anyone know the name of these?? These are 2 blocks from the Jeffries Projects.
An abandoned apartment on Grand Blvd. with a colored dot. Any info? Bounce me an e-mail!
More abandoned apartments right across from Detroit City Airport.
More abandoned apartments. Located on Harper about 2 blocks from the old Eastown Theatre.
What once were the projects near Charles and Mound became apartments, but have since been vacated. Update: Demolished late 2002.
Not all of them are trashed. This apartment building on Cass has been restored.
This apartment building near Gratiot & Conner has also been restored.
These old apartments on Holbrook have been totally restored, except for the end building way back there-->
Click the pic for a LARGER version.
An old apartment building near downtown.

Detroit Apartment Buildings