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Vanishing Bldgs

A welcome sign at the city limits.
Royal Oak has many condos.
A concrete and metal house at 326 East fifth, built by
Some bland looking houses.
Here's a cool house.
This house has a miniature jungle surrounding it.
Here's jjaba's favorite suburban bakery.
Superior Fish Market.
This apartment / storefront looks like it belongs in Detroit.
The fabulous ruins of RO. This building was slated as a mixed use residential / loft for as long as I can remember, but is still boarded-up.
Here's a side view of the building.
Walker Wire & Steel Company.
Another factory of some sort.
St. Mary Catholic Church. Click here for a tour.
Shrine Church.
Telway Hamburgers used to be a White Tower or Top Hat or one of those...
What appears to be an old train station.
Cool Fire Interactive. Is this some sort of high speed internet provider?
The legendary Royal Oak Theatre. Many a cool band played this venue in the '80's.
The Royal Oak Post Office.
Wake up and smell the Java at Caribou Coffee House.
The concrete jungle is the best way in or out of the city.

Royal Oak Tour - Part 1