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The Perrinsville One Room Schoolhouse, a touch of history in Westland, which was once known as Nankin Township.
Built in 1856, Perrinsville was the first brick schoolhouse to be built in the area. Click the pic for a LARGER view.
...not too shabby considering this building is 146 years old. The school is still used for Sunday Bible classes. Click the pic for a LARGER view.
Here's how the schoolhouse appeared in 1907, as the students lined-up for a photo.
Here's a group shot taken at the side of the schoolhouse circa 1892.
A shot of the students posing on the teacher's platform, which was reconstructed from old photos.
Let's take a peek at the interior of the schoolhouse.
A reconstucted warning sign above the teacher's platform.
Looking towards the front of the classroom at 'Old Glory'. The flag has only 45 stars. Click the pic for a LARGER view.
Under this old portrait of George Washington is a burglar alarm panel.
A scan of the flyer from the Westland Historical Commission. Click the pic for a LARGER legible view.

Perrinsville One Room Schoolhouse