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A new look for The People Mover.
A shot of the People Mover with the former Free Press Building in the background.
Shot taken from the Greektown Platform
Looking out of the back window of the People Mover. What kind of genius puts a windshield wiper on the back window of a train that is driven by a computer??
Art work in one of the People Mover Stations.
The People Mover moves along at a pretty good clip. Thus, the blurry picture...
The Cadillac Square Apartments and other various buildings.
Looking east on Jefferson Ave from the People Mover.
Looking from the Ren-Cen towards the the Comerica Building & Millender Center.
Looking out the back window at the Mariners church.
I always notice the Detroit Club Building from the People Mover. Is this some kind of Athletic Club?
The People Mover exiting the Millender Center.

The People Mover