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The Penobscot Building.
The Penobscot Building (and The Gaurdian Bldg. on the left).
A view from next to the Buhl Building reveals the side of the (believe it or not) Penobscot Building. "The Penobscot Building's history is more complicated than most. First, a 13-story office building was constructed in 1905 on Fort Street, and then a 24-story addition (pictured here) was built on Congress Street in 1913. The skyscraper that most people identify as the Penobscot Building was designed by Wirt C. Rowland of Smith Hinchman and Grylls in 1928. For half a century, the Penobscot Building ? at 47 stories high ? was Detroit's tallest skyscraper." (Sited from the Detroit Area Art Deco Society by noted Forum Historian, DRM)
Once Detroit's tallest building at 557 ft. (now third tallest). When it was built, it was the tallest in the world.
The ornate front entrance of the Penobscot Building.
A close-up shot of the front entrance.
More of the front entrance.
The Penobscot from before the skyscraper days. Pic from Wayne State University.
The Penobscot lit-up at night.

The Penobscot Building