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Vanishing Bldgs

As the paint peels on an old building on Woodward in the Shopping District. Click the pic for a larger version...
Detroit's shopping district today. Need a wig? Need your nails done? Detroit's historic shopping district across from what once was Hudson's has you covered. Anyone know where Hudson's Toy Store was? Look a few frames down, I think I found it...
The back of the old Kresge's store on Woodward. One of these days I'll figure out where the front of it is!!
Here's the front of the original Kresges.
Looking north on the west side of the street.
Looking south on the west side of the street.
The "Lofts on Woodward" is in the building which was once the old Hudson's Toy Store. The mammoth store had so many toys they needed an extra building.
I remember a bustling Detroit from my childhood, as well as stories my parents told me. Will this area ever come back? I think so, but only time will tell.

Shopping District (Old)