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It appears as though they chopped the top ten floors off of Hudson's and put them here (Woodrow Wilson & Oakman) babygirl wrote: Hi i was checking out your site, and i have some information that can help you. The picture that you say is the mini hudson building is the Oakman Michigan Bell building. Michigan bell occupied the build about 15 years ago, and once ameritech took over, They closed it down, and moved there employees to troy mi. Now that SBC has taken over Ameritech, some of the employess here in troy will be relocating downtown detroit. I hope this was some help to you! nice site
Here's Detroits Mini-Hudson's Building.
It appears as though this is some sort of telephone office..
A comparisson to Hudson's itself.
Another shot.
A closer view of the previous picture.
A close-up of the front door.
A close-up of the tower.

Yellow Pages Building / Mini-Hudson's Building