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The Madison Lenox Hotel in its heyday. Originally 2 separate apartments, Madison on the left, Lenox on the right, the 2 buildings and the middle 2 story building merged later on to become one hotel. The house to the right was demolished many moons ago.

Please click the icon to see the Madison Lenox being torn down!!
The empty and decaying Madison Lenox Hotel. As little as six years ago, this building was occupied. Mike Illich now owns it. Somehow, the windows were diliberately removed, and the building has sat and rotted since then. Click here for a large version.
The rapidly decaying Madison Lenox Hotel.
The side of The Madison Lenox Hotel.
The middle Madison Club 246.
Those windows have been missing for years.
A view from the corner of Madison and Randolph toward Downtown.

Madison Lenox Hotel