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How did they fit this huge stadium into Hamtramck? (a city of 2.2 square miles). Keyworth was named after Dr. Maurice R. Keyworth, Superintendent of Schools in 1923. Work on the stadium began in May, 1935. FDR was there for the opening ceremony on October 15, 1936, because it was the first WPA project completed in the Detroit area. On August 17, 1942, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello performed at Keyworth Stadium for all residents who purchased at least $1 in war bonds.
These girls are just finishing soccer practice. This pic was snapped from the parking lot where Playfair School once stood, later renamed Pilsudski School to honor Polish General Pilsudski. The school was torn down in the 1960's in the face of declining school enrollment in Hamtramck.
The 1913 Super Bowl was held here!! (Joking). Seriously though, Roosevelt Street, which ends at Keyworth was known as Playfair Street, until the time of FDR, when it was changed to honor him. Thanx to Hamtramck Steve for the above info!!
Plaques commemorating Keyworth Stadium and the lighting system. Here's a trivia question for baseball/Detroit fans... True or False: the first professional baseball game played under artificial lights occured at Keyworth Stadium. Post your answer by hitting the 'FEEDBACK' button below.
Underneath the stands is this corridor which contains locker rooms, concessions, and so on.
Keyworth Stadium was also the location of professional baseball before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. The Negro League found a welcoming home in Hamtramck, when Briggs, then owner of the Tigers and the stadium, pulled his political strings to keep the Negro players from playing anywhere in Detroit. Thanx to Hamtramck Steve from the for most of this info!!
A view from the top of the stands where the GM and Fisher Buildings can be seen.
They need to install a net back there to catch the long balls!!
A view from the stands looking toward the baseball diamond.

Keyworth Stadium