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The front door of St. Albertus Church. For interior pix of St Al's, click here and here
St. Albertus Church on St. Aubin. The roof appears to be constructed entirely of copper.
The Grand Blvd. Temple.
St. John's Church on Gratiot.
Another angle of St. John's Church.
St. Joseph Church on Gratiot. My dad was an altar boy here and went to school here!
St. Ladislaus Church on Caniff in Hamtramck.
Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church on Conant in Hamtramck.
The front door of Our Lady. Hamtramck, being a city of 2.2 sq. miles, sure has its share of large buildings.
The older Our Lady Queen of Apostles Church in Hamtramck, right next door to the new one.
Two angles of Immaculate Conception Church in Hamtramck.

Transfiguration Church near McNichols and Mound Rd.
Another angle of Transfiguration Church.
Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church in Nortown.
Another shot of Our Lady Queen of Heaven.
The ultra modern plastic and concrete St. Clement Church on Van Dyke in Centerline. If you look closely, you can see the historical marker.
Another angle of St. Clement Church.
A very bland church on Yemans in Hamtramck.

It reminded me of my Grandma's house in Nortown

Speaking of Nortown, here's the Serbian Church (I forgot the official name of it) on Van Dyke & Outer Drive, right behind Serbian Hall. I remember watching them build this church from my Grandma's front porch in the 60's.
I was born at Holy Cross Hospital (now called St. John's) which is pictured on the left.
The former St. Stanislaus Church is now called 'The Promised Land'. For interior pix of Promised Land, click here.
The former St. Stanislaus School has been converted into the 'Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences'. Well done!
New life for a virtually dead neighborhood. It looks like it got a steambath; looks like new!!
Right around the corner from St. Stans is the Grand Trunk Warehouse Cold Storage building.
Sweetest Heart of Mary Church. What's up with the tarp?
Sweetest Heart of Mary appears to be getting a little TLC.
Sweetest Heart of Mary also has an Historical Marker. For interior pix of Sweetest Heart, click here.

Church Tour (Part 2)