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Hamtramck's answer to the Wailing Wall, Berlin Wall, whatever you wanna call it, in Detroit. It's located just north of GM Poletown at Joseph Campau and the RR viaduct. The side street is either Denton or Alice. I'm guessing it may have had something to do with Dodge Main? Does anyone have any history on this?
It appears as though alien computer geeks did some of the graffiti.
Another integral part of the wall is the 'Save the Planet' stairway.
Another 'Stairway to Nowhere'. If anyone has any info on this wall, hit the 'Send Feedback' button below or post a follow up on the Forum.
A shot looking across the street at the RR viaduct. Noted Hamtramck historian Hamtramck Steve wrote: Joseph Campau originally did not go under the train tracks; it had a regular crossing. As employment at Dodge Main grew, and the population of Hamtramck exploded, Campau was increasingly congested. Trains frequently passed through the crossing, which was especially bad at shift change. You had somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 Dodge Main employees, plus the thousands of others from other plants, who were either late getting to work or late getting home because they got stopped by the train. In the very late 20's or early 30's, Campau was lowered and the tracks raised to create the viaduct we see today. There were buildings on the parcels where the wall and stairs are today, and the wall we see today was a retaining wall built around the properties so the road could be lowered without compromising the buildings' foundations. The stairs were installed to provide access to the buildings without forcing pedestrians to basically walk around the block to get to the door.

The Hamtown Wailin' Wall??