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Vanishing Bldgs

Anyone know what this is?? It's on Baltimore near the Lodge. (Answer at the end).
A full view of the Mystery Building on Baltimore.
The front door of the Mystery Building - hey it says, "NBC"
Another shot of the Mystery Fortress on Baltimore.
Another shot of the Mystery Building on Baltimore. It says "Family Independent Agency" (It's a Welfare Office).
A very OLD historic shot of the NBC Building on Baltimore. Steve Haag of wrote, "The 'NBC' on the building stands for the National Biscuit Company. It was a bakery that mass produced baked goods for sale in stores. Now, it's been converted into offices, although I don't know if the entire building is used. The grind stones for turning the wheat into flour were first powered by horses! There are several bays along the parking lot side (I think) with a pole in the center. The horse would be attached to the pole and made to walk in a circle. There was some contraption that turned the grind stones..."

NBC (Nabisco) Building