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The beautiful, historic 1040 W. Fort Building, on the corner of Fort Street and Sixth being destroyed to make way for the new bus depot. The temporary MGM Casino can be seen in the background. I received an e-mail: Greg, great to see those two photos added to the site. In case you didn't know, 1040 W. Fort was the location of the southeast Michigan draft board in the early 50's. I had to go down there when I was 18 (that was 1954) and register, and had to return there in 1959 to take the selective service test. I didn't dog it, did as good as I could, but got a deferment later that year when my first son was born. Any guy my age bracket from Detroit is well aware of that building!!! Thanks again! Ray Downing, Las Vegas, NV
Every window has to be broken before demolition can occur.
This building sort of resembled Hudson's with the arched windows and tower.
The deadly caterpillar truck gouges away at the building.
They made a nice clean cut there. Are they saving part of it? Yeah right. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
Was that center portion an elevator?
I wonder if this was once an apartment. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
Were those large doors once bays for trucks? Click the pic for a LARGE view.
Shattered glass litters the sidewalk.
John K. King Books can be seen next door.
Say goodbye to another piece of Detroit's history.
Say hello to the empty field that is 1040 W. Fort Street...

1040 W. Fort Street