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The Dakota Inn Rathskeller, Detroit's lone remaining German tavern-restaurant which features ethnic foods, sing-a-longs, and German beverages for over 50 years. Karl Kurz, a German native, was a builder and an architect by profession, designed the tavern between 1934 and 1938 as he remembered taverns in Germany. Kurz's intention was to design a tavern to resemble a German bierstube. Around the entrance, etched in limestone, are the words, "Dakota Inn Rathskeller" which are repeated on the marquee. The interior has vaulted ceilings and plastered walls marked to resemble brick and stonewalls. The center stage is shaped like a wine barrel which houses a nineteenth century piano and mock organ pipes. The bar also contains a school bell which is rung before the Schnitzelbank song. The present clientele of this tavern began to patronize the Dakota during their college days at Wayne State University and U of D. Among the visitors during its 54 years of activity are late Eubie Blake, Roman Gribbs, Reverend David Eberhard, Gil Hill, actor Max Gail, and the late Walter Reuther. Thanx to (which is now defunct) for the above info. Here's a site with extensive info.

Monday, October 14, 2002