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Several angles of Herman Kiefer Hospital. (Click here for 2 older pix.)
Description of Herman Kiefer Hospital from the '30's: Herman Kiefer Hospital, located in Detroit on Hamilton Ave., between Taylor and Pingree Avenues, is a special hospital devoted to treatment of communicable diseases, tuberculosis and indigent maternity cases. The communicable disease unit of about 525 beds comprises five buildings, of which two are built to conform to the modern conceptions of medical asepsis. These modern buildings can handle all types of disease at one time, but the other buildings must classify the diseases treated. The maternity unit is a single building of 65 beds and 65 bassinets, usually completely occupied. The tuberculosis unit of 675 beds is a new building, modern in every respect, in which tuberculosis patients are hospitalized pending other disposition - the most serious cases remaining at the hospital. Besides these definite services, a portion of the power house is set aside for the hospitalization of prostitutes, this service being directly under Dr. Dixon, and not a part of the Herman Kiefer administration. Source: PDF FILE from This is a MUST read document from the '30's.

Saturday, September 27, 2003