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Vanishing Bldgs

The exurbs of Detroit, Croswell, Michigan. What would happen if they just went ahead and levelled all of their historic buildings. What would they have left?
And then there's this gem. Detroit would level this in a heartbeat without batting an eyelash.
It appears as though there once was a building between these two.
It looks like the attitude in Croswell is one of historic preservation. What keeps a city like this afloat? Apple Orchards? Sugar Refineries? What keeps Detroit afloat? Stadiums, Casinos, Hotels?
Talk about diversity in creative reuse. This old house is being used as a Law Office and has a Dog Kennel in the back.
A closer view of the old house. It looks like the original overhang deteriorated, and was torn down.
The dogs in the kennel started barking at me so I bolted, but not before taking a pic looking from the back yard out.
After those canines scared the living s--t out of me, I figgered it was high time to hit the corner bar.
Shave and a haircut, two bits.

Croswell, Michigan