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An old time "coke" dealer on Rosa Parks (12th Street). Any older Detroiters have any info on this? Click me a FEEDBACK.
  • Kathy Zak wrote me an e-mail: I have an answer about your "Coal and Coke" photo question. My 80 year old mother, who grew up on Iroquois and Van Dyke knew what this was right away.
  • In the days before central heating, homes were heated with coal furnaces, which sometimes would use coke, which she says was a smaller form of coal.
  • Those of you who do restoration work will know that older homes will often have a chute leading to the basement. The coal would be stored there and shoveled into the furnace as needed. People would often steal coal during the depression to stay warm, she tells me.
  • The Iroquois house had a coal furnace, but when my grandparents moved to Baldwin Street, that house had gas heat.

  • Detroit Coal & Coke (Solvay Coke)