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Vanishing Bldgs

An abandoned building on Jos. Campau. At first glance it doesn't look abandoned.
Another abandoned building on Jos. Campau. You can tell it's abandoned by the trees growing out of the sidewalks.
The former Lasky Theatre on Jos. Campau. It closed in 1949 and has been a furniture store for the last 30 years or so. What, was there a sale on white paint back then?
An abandoned house in the heart of the city. The house to the right has been repaired.
A sight not seen to often by the yuppies who frequent the Motor Lodge, Paycheck's and Lili's.
This garage is on the verge of collapse.
This garage has a spot for garbage cans, but the town wino took 'em out so he could sleep in there!!
This store has been boarded up for at least 3 years. WOW! None of the windows are broken!
Here's that same store. That once ornate looking door hasn't been opened in years!
Here's some active stores on Campau. It looks like some of the decorative cement fell off of the upper floor.
Here's a jewelry store on Campau. It looks like someone tried to steal the bricks, but found out they were the fake and gave up!
This guy figured it would be a lot easier to let the ivy cover-up all the sins.
Some ugly grafitti adorns the back of this store.
The elegant Statue of the Pope as seen from a not so elegant alley.
Garbage and weeds scattered about the foot of the Pope Statue.
This nice mural has been restored, but this faux facade has been ruined by the pigeons.
The alleged tallest building in Hamtown (although I think the Senior Plaza is taller) is slightly crooked and held together by turnbuckles.
A house in dire need of repairs and maintenance. (the American Axle plant can be seen in the background).

Hamtramck Ruins