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Vanishing Bldgs

I thought this rowhouse building on 2542 John R. was beyond hope. Then again, how many people thought the Opera House was irrepairable? Scroll down to see a pic of this building completely restored - abbra cadabbra...
The above rowhouse building completely restored.
The sign says "Historic Home Rehabilitation".
The roof burned off of this house about many moons ago - no lack of vision, no problemo. Click HERE for a LARGER version.
A large portion of the rear of the structure has crumbled and fallen to the ground - piece of cake. Just put up a scaffold and go to town.
Where would you rather live, in these pre-fabbed cookie-cutter condos that were engineered to disintegrate in 20 years, or the historic apartment that would withstand nuclear fallout?
Another house that seemed hopeless would withstand being run into by a Sherman Tank.
This beauty is fixed-up real nice. Even the some of the Brewster Projects buildings seen on the right are getting new windows.
This house is a beauty, but, well, let's just tear it down and put up a pre-fab.
This gas station, minus a couple of sheets of aluminum, is a potential gold mine in the rough.
This gorgeous home is getting a new roof.
This beauty was converted into a law office.
Nice restoration job on this elegant beauty.
Another restored gem on the corner of John R. and Erskine.
Another restoration in progress.
Well, in Detroit, there always has to be a few ruins kicking around. This house is returning to nature.
Who needs to drive up north? You can see the Fall colors right here.
This building could be restored. Here's another case where the windows were removed.
This building behind the First Presbyterian Church appears to have a giant tree growing out of its roof.
Despite Guyton's dots, these two roofless apartments could be restored.
Some more fall colors in progress.
The Motown / Sanders Building in stark contrast behind the new condos.
There is a plan in the works to turn it into a Motown Museum.

Detroit's Brush Park (Part 2 Restored)