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Bowne of Detroit, Inc. Eugene Fusco clicked me an E-Mail and wrote: Hey Greg...The building your refering to is now used by Bowne of Detroit. In the early 80's Financial Print Inc. was bought out by Bowne and moved out of their previous location I believe on Fort Street to 201 Second. I used to work at the building for about a year, the year after I left they did a multi million dollar restoration on the building. There are several "Bownes" of the ones I can remember there is Bowne of Chicago and Bowne of New York. I am sure there are a few others but of their whereabouts that I have forgotten. I havent worked there in 15 years. Anyways back when I worked there they used to do a lot of printing for financial institutions, and down in the basement they used to print the Detroit Legal News. After I worked there I went to work for another financial printer, Renaissance Printing on Griswold. They have long since gone out of business.

Bowne Building