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The Birmingham Theatre on Old Woodward Avenue in Birmingham. The street is now named, "Hunter". Built by the Kunsky circuit in 1927 for $500,000. After being delayed for a year and a half by the widening of Woodward Avenue, the theater was constructed concurrently with two other Kunsky theaters, the Redford and the Royal Oak. A 3-manual, 12-rank Bartons was installed in all three theaters...
...After becoming part of the United Detroit Theaters circuit, the Birmingham was remodeled in the late 1960s. The theater was later operated by Plitt Theatres and then by Birmingham Development Company, who converted it into a live venue. The Birmingham was extensively remodeled at a cost of $750,000 by Central Park Properties, with new lighting, curtains and seats. After movies were dropped in 1978, the building was leased to the Nederlander Theatrical Corporation in 1979 for touring stage shows. The Birmingham is now an eight-screen theater featuring first-run films. Thanx to CinemaTour for the info.

Birmingham Theatre