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Look familiar? Are we on Grand River? I think not! This is Yost Ice Arena; Ann Arbor's answer to the long gone Olympia Stadium.
Anyone who wonders what the Olympia looked like should pay a visit to Ann Arbor. From Detroit, take 94 west to the S. State St. exit and head can't miss it. Yost Ice Arena, which has a seating capacity of 6,603, was once called 'Yost Field House' named in honor of legendary football coach Fielding H. Yost. Construction of the arena began in 1922, and was completed in November 1923.
Here's the front of Yost Ice Arena. Click the pic for a LARGE view.
Here's a side by side comparisson. The Yost is approximately 2/3 the size of the Olympia.
The Michigan Theatre.
The Michigan Theatre.
A faded picture looking into the sun at the Michigan Theatre.
The State Theatre and part of downtown.
Another angle of the State Theatre and part of downtown.
Some nice art work adorns the back of this building.
Nickels Arcade features many retailers.
The ornate facade of Nickels Arcade...
More of the facade of Nickels Arcade...
Let's take a peek inside Nickels Arcade...
An old church in the heart of the university district.
Here's what appears to be the rectory of the above old church...
"Another old building in the heart of the university district... " is the Student Publications Building. It is a michigan historical landmark and has yet to be renovated from its original condition. Just thought I'd pass that on for you. Thanx Lisa for your e-mail!!
Houses near U of M.
Is this Washington DC? Nope. It's Angell Hall, designed by Albert Kahn.
Betsy Barbour, an all-girl dorm on the U of M campus.
The Art Museum was originally Alumni Hall in its former life...
Let's zoom in a bit on the Art Museum...
Anyone know the time?
U of M Student Union Hall.
What appears to be an Italian restauraunt.
A shot of downtown Ann Arbor.
The Rackham Building, which houses graduate school offices. Funding for the building came from the same Rackham family that built Wayne State's.
  • As an aside, U-M's Rackham building is built on the site of a Jewish cemetery, and it's haunted. Hamtown Steve worked for U-M's Public Safety Department for about 3 years, and had some eerie experiences there.
  • Lane Hall.
    Hill Auditorium.

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