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The Americana Music Studio in Detroit. Did any of Motown's greats record music here?
  • rfkubat wrote: I was on your great website looking at a picture of the Americana music studio. That wasn't a recording studio, it was a music store & a place where you could buy sheet music, small instruments and take music lessons. That place was always busy as hell on Saturday mornings with kids coming in for lessons.
  • Paul J. Stepanski also wrote: I was going thru your web site 'detroitpix', which I do from time to time and saw the picture of the Americana Music Studio. I lived about 10 blocks away , the other end of Jayne Field and used to walk there for piano lessons. The owner, Mr. Tucci, used to play violin for the Detroit symphony. Every instrument I can think of was taught there, as well as dance and ballet. Mr. Tucci used to get the auditorium at the DIA for yearly recitals. It was just part of the neighborhood life during the 50's, 60's and 70's. The neighborhood was also the home for the original Buddys' Pizza restaurant and Shields Bar which became the Shields Pizza chain.

  • Americana Music Studio