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The 1st Presbyterian Church on Woodward, across from the proposed site of the All Veteran's Memorial Park.
A Church on Harper near Harpo's Concert Theatre.
Trinity Episcopol Church on Trumbull and Grand River.
Another shot of Trinity Episcopol.
Another pair of historic churches downtown on Fort Street.
Another look.
Yet another shot of the historic churches on Fort Street.
The Jefferson Ave. Presbyterian Church at Jefferson and Burns.
A Mosque-like church on Taylor & Woodrow Wilson. This area was primarily Jewish 50 years ago.
A boarded-up church right down the street.
St. Cyril Church on St. Cyril near Van Dyke. My grandparents, who were Slovak, lived in this area and went to this church. Later, they moved to the "burbs" of Nortown (7 Mile & Van Dyke). They are now turning in their graves...
Another shot of the ornate St. Cyril Church.
A church that used to be a party store on Harper. (Oops! let's try party store that used to be a church!!) Why would they cover the windows with aluminum siding only to have scavengers rip it off??
This church is not boarded-up and is in good condition!!
A very old church on Grand River.
The Louis Kamper designed Greater Macedonia Baptist Church (formerly the Deutsches Haus) on Mack Ave. It looks like it belongs in Washington, DC.
A church/parish on Mt. Elliot.
An industrial/residential view of Detroit. Sweetest Heart of Mary Church can be seen.
Some historical churches on Gratiot.

Church Tour (Part 1 of 2)